About Us


Founders - Edan & Melissa
We are a Toronto-based company devoted to promoting wellness and sustainability through natural care. We create products that are gentle, effective and easy to use, without the use of chemicals, synthetics or unnecessary fillers. Our ingredient lists are clear and simple, containing only pure, plant based botanicals. Everything we make is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. We imagine, create and test our formulas in house, with real people. Our hearts and consciences are worn proudly on our sleeves. 
In addition to creating products that promote wellness and self-care, we place a premium on giving back to Nature. It is the source that provides us with the powerful ingredients we use in our formulas, and a place we all have a responsibility to maintain (see our SeedThe6ix initiative for more). 
Meet our Founders:
Edan and Melissa started The Great Canadian Hemp Company in their Toronto kitchen. With the goal of creating everyday products that work, they were determined to do it without the harmful ingredients found standard in the cosmetics industry. 
The couple places an enormous importance on travel, real-world knowledge, and inclusivity. Having been to over 30 countries together and countless solo, they’ve experienced first hand the impact that big industry has on the environment, communities, and the inner- and outer wellbeing of the individuals who live in them. As a result, Edan and Melissa created a brand that has, at its core, a deep sense of social responsibility. 
With a degree in International Development and Environmental Sustainability, Melissa is passionate about the diverse and impelling aspects of what wellness can mean. She is a yogi and an avid vegan cook, and uses these interests to shape her approach to developing a brand that is mindful and inventive. Experience working with charities, donating her time to help others, and an enthusiasm for writing has influenced and allowed her to concisely express the brand values of The Great Canadian Hemp Company. All the while, creating links between their brand and the initiatives they believe in at every step of the way.
Edan, with his background in International Business and Marketing, studied abroad in both Italy and Israel. He possesses a deep knowledge about the inner-workings of traditional commerce, and uses those skills to fuel a passion of going against that grain. Creative, conscientious, and unmistakably genuine, he brings a perspective and a skillset to The GCHC that has allowed them to build a business the right way, while staying uncompromisingly true to their strong grass roots. 
Together, they find joy in being outdoors, connecting with community, and discovering new ways of making the world a greener place - one step at a time.