who we are

Founded on principles of sustainable growth - for you, our company, and the Earth - we craft pure, natural grooming and beauty products of the finest quality. Each product is made and bottled by hand, and our batches are always kept small. We do this to ensure you get our best quality work, every single time.

We maintain this quality by using only the highest quality ingredients - raw and natural, and always without chemicals or fillers.

When you buy a product from The Great Canadian Hemp Co., you’ll be offering yourself the very best that organic hemp oil has to offer. Your hair and body will benefit by looking and feeling healthier, and you’ll know you’re not only treating your body - you’ll also be giving back to the Earth.

We strongly believe that every company has a social responsibility to give back to the environment. We also pride ourselves on using as many Canadian products as possible, and giving back to local communities. That’s why we here at The Great Canadian Hemp Company have started the SeedThe6ix initiative - a partnership with Canadian farmers to plant six hemp seeds for every product sold. The goal of this initiative is to educate farmers, communities and individuals of the raw power of this plant, from its effects on soil rejuvenation to its impact on health and environmental sustainability.


SeedThe6ix is an initiative to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. Together, we are helping educate and promote this wonderful plant and showcase its many uses.

 The term “the6ix” refers to Toronto, for there are six cities that make up the GTA (greater Toronto area). Toronto is the number 1 most multicultural city in the world, and just so happens to be the place we call home.

Here, at the GCHC, our identity is based the principles of promoting a healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle, while not compromising your needs. Social responsibility is extremely important to us, and we are dedicated to planting 6 seeds for every product sold.  

We are very proud to partner with farmers across Canada. These amazing people don’t just promote a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle; they live it. They are the people putting those 6 hemp seeds in the ground, and are true pioneers to the agriculture industry!

With your help, we will undoubtedly make this Earth a little more liveable.

Our first partner is from Marcelin, Saskatchewan. Fresh Air Farms is family-run and operated farm. Owner, David Grenier, has had the farm in his family since 1911.

Fresh Air Farms is a certified organic farm, and produces hemp for both seed and fibre.

Mr. Grenier and his family are avid users of hemp products and are no strangers to the wonders this plant has to offer. After researching about hemp, Fresh Air Farms planted their first organic crop in 2008 and haven’t looked back since.

They are a true embodiment to farmers supplying their local customers with the absolute highest quality products. As our partners, we are also firm believers in only supplying products that you would for you and your family.

Fresh Air Farms has over 1400 acres of organic hemp fields, and is one of the many farms that contributes to our country’s incredible fabric.

To learn more about Fresh Air Farms, click here.


Dewar Seed Farms

Dewar Seed Farms is from Dauphin, Manitoba. They are a family-run, 5th generation farm, boasting over 3,400 acres of hemp fields. 

They are a member of the CHTA (Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance), where owner Don Dewar sits on the Board of Directors. The CHTA promotes Canadian hemp products globally, furthering awareness of the benefits of hemp. Don's son, Mark, run's the family farm in Manitoba, whereby he's on the fields daily. 

Dewar Seed Farms have been pioneers in the Canadian hemp and agriculture industry. They are incredibly passionate and we are very proud to be working with them towards a greener future!