Enhance Your Experience 


Infuse our products with your favourite cannabis oil to enjoy benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.


Add a few drops of your favourite Cannabis oil to the product of your choice (more on this below.) Mix. Enjoy

We recommend:
Restorative Clay Mask - add a few drops of CBD isolate when hydrating your clay mask, according to package instructions. 
Sunshine Soak - Add 2ml of full-spectrum oil to 2tbsp of our Bath Soak. Set aside at least 20 minutes for a soak, to enjoy the benefits of cannabis to their fullest extent. 

Daayí Body Butter - To fully infuse our Daayí Body Butter, add approximately 15ml of your favourite cannabis oil (either purchased legally or homemade) to the tin, and mix thoroughly. Keep according to package instructions. 


DIY Recipe for Cannabis Infused Oil

D I Y Cannabis Oil
You’ll need:
- Slow Cooker or Double Boiler
- Grinder
- Cheesecloth or Fine Strainer

- Gloves

- 1 cup (250ml) of Ground Cannabis Flower

- 1 cup (250ml) Coconut Oil 

  1. Grind the Cannabis. Be careful not to grind it too fine, since anything small enough to fit through your strainer will end up in your oil! 
  2. Combine the Coconut Oil and Cannabis in a slow cooker or double boiler (we like the slow cooker method best!). Set the heat to “low” (or equivalent) for 4 - 8 hours, stirring occasionally. Be careful not to let your oil exceed 118C (245F)! 
  3. Put on your fancy rubber or latex gloves, and strain the infused oil through cheesecloth into a clean bowl (careful: it’s hot!). Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 months, or in the fridge for an extended shelf-life. 


Why Coconut Oil?

Although you can infuse just about any kind of oil, we’ve chosen Coconut for the following reasons:
  1. High Fat. Coconut oil has a very high concentration of saturated fats, creating a stronger binding agent for cannabinoids (coconut oil boasts 80% saturated fats, while olive oil contains less than 20% saturated fat content). More fat = more cannabinoids, and more cannabinoids = a more effective product.
  2. Health Benefits & Ethics. Coconut oil is well known as a health-supporting superfood, making it a much better contender than canola oil or, forbid, butter. Stick to plants for the best results and the most responsible choices. 
  3. Taste and Smell. We all know Cannabis doesn’t exactly have the most subtle scent, and the taste isn’t for everyone. Coconut oil adds a sweet and tropical taste and smell to your infusion - perfect to wear on your skin, to use for cooking, or to use as a personal lubricant in the bedroom (But be safe! Coconut oil may change the composition of latex condoms, making them more prone to breakage).

Our Favourite Strain

Mango Haze by PureSinse (11.9% CBD, 6.4% THC)

Pure Sinse Mango Haze

Why? This sativa-dominant strain by PureSinse has everything we look for in our cannabis. With a high CBD concentration and a moderate amount of THC, it has been reported to help manage pain, headaches, stress, and inflammation. Fruity and uplifting, PureSinse's Mango Haze has a distinctive mango aroma (goes great with coconut!) and has proven to be the go-to for The GCHC Team. Plus, PureSinse is a Toronto-based company (bonus local points for us), and has a level of science, experience, and passion behind them that keeps us going back. To try the PureSinse Mango Haze for yourself, register with them as a patient here

If making infused oil at home isn't for you, check out a complete list of where you can get legal cannabis oils in Canada below.

Be sure to check your Province's regulations on purchasing these concentrated oils, and have fun shopping around to find what works best for you! Most Licensed Producers offer a great selection. 




List of legal cannabis stores by Province (Canada)







New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

Newfoundland & Labrador

Northwest Territories