SeedThe6ix plant six hemp seeds in canada for every product sold. Post a photo of your old packaging with a new life and collect stamps towards free gift in next order.

Our goal at The GCHC is to make the highest quality natural and ethical products.

As educated consumers, we put a tremendous strain on making conscious day to day decisions, especially when it comes to what we put in and on our bodies. This should be no different for the companies responsible for producing trustworthy and humane products.

Our products are formulated and geared towards minimizing our carbon footprint. We avoid excess packaging and use recyclable receptacles. We don’t use any fillers in our products, which allows them to have longer lives.

We are dedicated to minimizing waste and increasing the global recycling program.

We encourage you to share a photo, giving our packaging a new life. Our receptacles are very high quality, making them useful for almost anything!

Plant a seed, fashion a change tin, fill a vial with a flower- use your resourceful imagination! For every photo you post on social media and tag us, we’ll credit your account with a stamp and plant 6 extra hemp seeds in Canada.

Simply use the tag #SeedThe6ix 

recycle and re-purposing containers for other needs.

Once your account reaches 6 stamps, we’ll include a special (seasonal release) gift in your next order!

Every little bit counts. Thank you for choosing sustainability and making Mother Earth a greener place- 6 seeds at a time.


SeedThe6ix is an initiative to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. Together, we are helping educate and promote this wonderful plant and showcase its many uses.

 The term “the6ix” refers to Toronto, for there are six cities that make up the GTA (greater Toronto area). Toronto is the number 1 most multicultural city in the world, and just so happens to be the place we call home.

Here, at the GCHC, our identity is based the principles of promoting a healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle, while not compromising your needs. Social responsibility is extremely important to us, and we are dedicated to planting 6 seeds for every product sold.  

We are very proud to partner with farmers across Canada. These amazing people don’t just promote a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle; they live it. They are the people putting those 6 hemp seeds in the ground, and are true pioneers to the agriculture industry!

With your help, we will undoubtedly make this Earth a little more liveable.