why hemp?

Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years. Its many applications range from insulation, food products, and cosmetics. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, and will therefore not get you high, but it will indeed nourish your whole body. Hemp is extremely rich in Omega fatty acids, promoting cellular growth.

Hemp is naturally anti-pesticidal, therefore growing it without any chemicals comes easy. Due to hemp literally being a “weed”, its propagation period from seed to harvest can be as quick as 3 months, thus allowing the soil to be breathe and rejuvenate.

Hemp can be woven into materials stronger than steel, be made into insulation with a higher R Rating than the leading insulation brand, pressed into oil to fuel vehicles, and much more. This plant is not just the past, but is the future of our economy. It is the future for restoring and conserving our environment.

Hemp oil naturally infuses the skin with vitamins and proteins to encourage cell growth. The structural compounds in the seed extract even assists with skin conditions, such as eczema and dry skin.

We are dedicated to supplying you with products that we would only use ourselves. We are proud to bring you these products, the closest as they come from the soil. So please, grow with us and, grow with nature!


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